Why do dogs bark at some people and not at others? Few people know about it

Dogs can be aggressive, growl and scold at some, and treat others calmly and friendly.

Feeling new

Most often, a dog can react badly to a stranger because it feels something new. Unsocialized dogs, when in contact with strangers, feel a new smell and new behavior, because of which they may feel threatened. Even a dog that is used to others can feel anxious and insecure. Most often, this happens due to unfamiliar characteristics that people have, as well as appearance and smell.

Dogs feel threatened by some people

Each person has different sizes, physical characteristics, and behaviors that can make a dog feel threatened.It can be a beard, tall height, a loud voice, body movements, direct eye contact, a strong smell from shampoo, perfume, deodorant or food – this makes the dog nervous.

Bad memories

Dogs have associative thinking and negative memories. Some personalities can seem dangerous to dogs because they are associated with bad memories due to their smell or appearance. The offended and traumatized animal at this moment begins to scold such people.

Host protection

Often, dogs protect their owners in this way, even if there is no need at all. Also, they protect their territory, especially if it is a guard or shepherd breed. In this case, they show aggression towards everyone who occupies their space, because they feel threatened. Animals often respond to simple gestures. For example, when someone puts on a hat or opens an umbrella. Also, dogs feel jealous of people who approach their owners.

Dogs can see the true nature of people

Pets are able to assess a person’s character and determine whether he is trustworthy. They pay attention to social interactions and are suspicious of how others treat their owners. Dogs catch the owner’s opinion about another person and begin to treat him in the same way.