In the Czech Republic, a gas station customer bought a lighter to defrost the gas tank cap

In the Czech Republic, a woman arrived at a gas station, but could not open the gas tank due to a cap frozen in the cold. To solve her problem, she went to the trading floor and asked to sell her a lighter. Gas station workers told the Právo newspaper about the curious case.

The incident occurred on the motorway between Prague and Beroun in early December, when the Czech Republic was freezing cold.

Fortunately, the woman herself said what she needed a lighter for, and the staff were able to prevent a very dangerous situation. They explained to the client all the danger of the procedure she had planned and advised her to buy a tool for defrosting locks for 40 kroons instead of a lighter.

“However, the lady insisted on buying a lighter for 15 crowns. I told her that in that case she should leave the territory of the gas station. She actually drove into the parking lot, where she used a lighter to heat the castle. At the same time, she looked normal, ”said one of the employees of the gas station.