For those who do not like sports: how to lose weight without training

Many associate weight loss with strength training and exhausting activities in the gym or at home. But is it possible to do without sports and what results should be expected?

How to lose weight correctly

Healthy and proper weight loss involves a comprehensive approach to the problem of excess weight: proper nutrition, training and psychological state. The main factor of quality weight loss is psychological balance, which can be achieved with the help of a properly constructed goal and weight loss scheme, which we will talk about further.

Trainers recommend paying more attention to nutrition, because your result largely depends on what you eat and how much.

“The basic principle is that the number of calories you take in should be less than the number of calories you burn. If this does not happen, no matter how much you move, a person will not lose weight. 60% of your result is nutrition”

At the same time, you should not completely limit yourself and refuse your favorite junk food. You need to keep a balance. Everything should have certain proportions: for example, 90% of us get good and useful food, and there are 10% of some goodies. Without a tasty reward, there will be a quick burnout.

“Also, the body must know that it has calories. If they are not there for a very long time, the body begins to think that a person is starving, so it switches to the mode of maximum economy”


But do not forget to keep yourself in your hands: allow yourself to taste a small portion of your favorite dessert. Overeating will have its consequences, which you will see on the scales tomorrow.

Is it possible to lose weight without training?

It is possible if there is a calorie deficit. You must understand that the main energy expenditure goes to the work of the brain, heart, lungs and intestines. And strength work takes quite a bit. People often think that if I eat a Snickers, I’ll run a little more on the treadmill. But you have to run for 3-4 hours to burn it

How to get long-term results

Here you will need a serious conversation with yourself and an unshakable goal, which will also be long-term. If the final result is important to you, you will follow all the recommendations and a healthy way even after losing weight.

“If we lose weight in order to lose weight, then the result is evaluated as follows: now we have to suffer, and then everything will be fine. But everything will not be fine, because the person returns to the old way of life”

Importantly! This material has an exclusively general informational nature and cannot be the basis for establishing a diagnosis or medical conclusions.