5 budget-friendly ways to update the interior

Everyone, sooner or later, comes to a moment when they want to change everything. The first thing, of course, is to experiment with appearance: a new braid, a change in hair color, clothing style. With this, everything is clear and easy. But if you want to change the interior? And expensive repairs or the purchase of new furniture do not fit into your budget at all. We offer you several options that will help you make changes to the interior of the house, making a minimum of effort and spending a minimum of money.

1. Update the furniture

The modern market offers a wide selection of decorative paints, a wide variety of colors, with the help of which you can turn even an old cabinet into a work of art, and even a novice can successfully work with such materials. Furniture handles and hooks will help complete this metamorphosis.

2. Add color!

For this, it is not necessary to paint the walls or glue colorful wallpaper. The best option is textiles! Accent curtains on the windows, contrasting pillows on the sofa, and of course, textiles for the kitchen. Tablecloths, potholders, napkins, towels. You will find everything your heart desires on the shelves of the Décor el Home store.

3. Open shelves

Open shelves have recently gained popularity among interior designers, who suggest using them both in the kitchen and in bathrooms and rooms, placing your favorite dishes, books, photo frames and other small things on them. You can choose the base for the shelf to your taste, from wood or fiberboard, leave it in its natural color or paint it to match the interior.

4. Hallway decor

Often everyone neglects the arrangement of this part of the house, but in vain, because this is the place where you meet and see your guests. Just a few decorative techniques, such as, for example, an original rug or doorbell, and your hallway will sparkle with new colors.

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5. Clock

Despite the fact that everyone has been checking the time on a smartphone for a long time, a watch will always be an indispensable accessory in the home. A beautiful clock will give your home sophistication