Useful tips when renovating your home

Based on our knowledge and our experience of communicating with people who almost always do not know all the intricacies of the renovation and the complexities of the choice before the renovation, we have prepared for you a small list of what we believe to be useful tips for apartment renovation. We hope that this list will help you in carrying out repairs both on your own and with the help of a contractor. Try to take into account our useful repair tips when making a decision, and you will avoid many problems in the future.

It is important to know when renovating your home:

  • Always start with planning the apartment. Arrange the furniture as you need. This should be the only final option;
  • When arranging furniture, think about what you need. And not about how you will meet guests;
  • Any relocation of walls in an apartment is a redevelopment, so you need to prepare a project for the Housing Inspection;
  •  Furniture has standard dimensions and it is better to follow them, because otherwise it is more expensive. For example, a non-standard size kitchen cabinet increases in value by 30%;
  • Do not combine a bathroom with a bathtub if there are more than three people in your apartment and there is no second bathroom;
  • Do not forget about hoods. In the bathroom, natural – 1 pc. In the kitchen, natural – 1 pc., mechanical above the stove – 1 pc. More is possible, less is not;
  • Before starting repair work, you must talk to the company and find out what documents you will need. And also take the construction work regulations;
  • Repair work always begins with the construction of walls;
  • The windows in the apartment need to be changed only after the floors are poured and the walls are plastered, because in this case, they can be installed evenly, level and taking into account the planes of the walls. Window companies will tell you otherwise, but your apartment is more important;
  • The level of the floor in the apartment with the finishing coating should be equal to the level of the floor in the stairwell. So, you need to choose the floor coverings that you will use in the apartment in advance. The tile is 8-10 mm thick, the laminate is 8-10, the massif requires the laying of plywood equal to the thickness of the massif, respectively, the thickness of the massif with plywood varies from 28 mm to 40 mm. Only by choosing the materials for your rooms in advance, you will be able to correctly fill the floor so that there are no floor differences in the apartment.


A few more useful tips for renovations in your home

  1. In the kitchen, use only tiles in the work area. All other coatings will become unusable within six months.
  2. It is better not to lay light tiles on the floor in the corridors, the opposite is true in the bathrooms. Soapy water will always whiten any tiles and seams.
  3. When using a warm floor under the tile, it is necessary to lay 3-4 mm on the glue and cable.
  4. It is better to put a plinth not less than 2 cm thick, especially if laminate is used, because he “walks” a lot in winter and summer. A plinth with a height of 60-80 mm looks good.
  5. Before laying the tiles, you need to measure the room and lay it out taking into account the new dimensions, so that it does not turn out that you need to cut about 2-3 cm. It looks ugly. Good pruning starts from 10 cm.
  6. Warm floors are not laid under furniture.
  7. In the kitchen, it is better to use two types of lighting: for cooking – bright, for a feast – warm, soft.
  8. You never get tired of an interior with natural flowers. Competently placed bright accents lift the mood. Black and red walls are depressing.
  9. It is better to entrust your renovation to a good architect, and all your ideas will be competently implemented.

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If you have carefully read and memorized our useful repair tips, we hope that, as a result, you have more chances to make fewer mistakes in such a difficult task as apartment repair!