Actions that must be carried out regularly with the washing machine so that it does not break down

There are four rules for caring for a washing machine inside. It is because of such pollution that it breaks the most, and also, an unpleasant aroma appears and the consumption of electricity increases. To prevent this from happening, clean your correct machine regularly.

First, from time to time you need to take out the powder tray and wash it thoroughly with a brush. With a high level of pollution, you can add chlorine-containing products.

Also, don’t forget to clean the drum. 100 ml of chlorine will help in this, which should be poured directly into the drum and set to the mode without laundry at 60 degrees.

200 g of citric acid will help to remove scale. Pour it into the powder tray and another 50 gr. into the drum itself. Put the machine on a high temperature washing mode.

To clean the filter of the drain pump, you will need a basin, which should be placed under the lid, and also, do not forget to put a towel. As soon as the water drains, open the lid and remove the debris