How easy it is to wake up in the morning

How important it is to learn to wake up in the morning in a good mood. After all, this is definitely the key to your positive, working, and most importantly, fruitful day. I think many people will agree with me… but how can this be done? If every morning, when the alarm clock rings, it seems that he is ready to fall through the ground, just to sleep for half an hour more…oh, yes, at least five minutes!

We share our personal experience on how to learn to get up in the morning without mental wailing and irritability.

  1. In approaching this issue, internal self-organization is very important – since you have decided to learn how to wake up in the morning with a positive, then please follow the rules. The very process of getting up in the morning will be much easier if you have a specific task or goal planned in the evening. And this goal should be pleasant. For example: cook your favorite pancakes for tea, or listen to your favorite music while dressing for work, or remember the smell of delicious coffee that is waiting to be brewed …
  2. You can, within a month, gradually set the alarm clock a few minutes earlier, this will be gratefully appreciated by your body, because you will give it time to get used to getting up early gradually. It’s also a good idea to put your alarm clock away from the bed. Then getting out of bed to turn it off, whether you like it or not, you will have to wake up.
  3. If you have friends who do not have problems getting up in the morning, then they can be asked to call you in the morning and jokingly scold you for lying in bed for a long time. This will help you focus on the conversation, which means that the sleepy state will disappear by itself.
  4. In the evening, going to bed, try not to load your head with a million unnecessary thoughts, well, even if they are necessary, it doesn’t matter. I understand that this is the hardest part. From personal experience, I’ll tell you that I imagine a closet in front of me and mentally stuff all my thoughts into it and be sure to lock it up, otherwise, God forbid, they will crawl out. Ideally, when you close your eyes, you need to see a black square, then sleep will come quickly, which means that your nervous system will wake up rested and in a good mood in the morning. And that means you won’t be offended by an early rise.
  5. In order to sleep soundly at night, you need to lead an active lifestyle during the day, this is logical, but what to do if you have a sedentary job and especially like for coffee at lunch, you don’t actively go anywhere. We offer you evening walks, this is a great way to please your heart and circulatory system in general, and fresh air plus physical activity while walking will help you get a sound and healthy sleep. True, if you like to eat at night, this just won’t help you fall asleep very much. After all, the body will be busy digesting food for half the night, which negatively affects the morning rise.

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It doesn’t matter what you choose for yourself, whether you use our advice or come up with your own personal way of getting up early, the most important thing is to open your eyes to think about something good, it may not work right away, you may have to accustom yourself to good thoughts … But with time, you will see that, armed with good thoughts, it is easier to deal with everyday ups and downs.