This is how you should plant roses that have already been cut so that they grow!

A bouquet of roses is a decoration of any room. I want the cut plants to stay fresh as long as possible! Therefore, today we have prepared for you the advice of florists on caring for flowers at home.

In order for flowers to continue to grow and bloom, experts suggest rooting flowers at home. Large Dutch roses, unfortunately, are not suitable for this.

But if you were given ordinary roses, then everything will work out. For this you need:

  • roses
  •  a small pot
  • soil
  • polyethylene bag
  • growth activator


How and what to do:

  • Make a handle. To do this, cut out the middle of the stem of the rose, leaving a few thorns on it intact.
  • Make an oblique cut on the handle – this is important!
  • Insert the stem into the growth activator and follow the instructions on its label.
  • Move it into a pot with soil and insert it at an angle.
  • Fill the stem with running water and wrap it in polyethylene: this will create a favorable environment.

After a month, you will see young flower buds breaking through the soil. And in a few months you will have a gorgeous bush. The main thing is not to forget about watering, fertilizing and timely transplant the bush into a larger pot.