The dietician named the best time for breakfast

Eating too early, when the body is still “sleeping on the go”, is not quite right. Sitting down at the table too late means keeping the body, which has already woken up, on starvation rations until that moment.

According to nutritionist Maryna Studenikina, people wake up at different times and eat breakfast at different times.

But the specialist calls the period between six and nine in the morning the ideal time for the first meal.

It is at this time that food more effectively regulates the work of the gastrointestinal tract, increases the activity of intestinal cleansing and improves its microflora.

At the same time, the doctor recommends not to forget that it is good to drink a glass of warm water half an hour before breakfast, which will promote the excretion of bile and prepare the digestive system for digesting food.