New military aid will allow Ukraine to advance – NATO Secretary General

Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of NATO, who participated in the Ramstein Format Meeting, has welcomed the announcement of new weapons’ deliveries to Ukraine.

Spiegel writes about it.

The fact that Ukraine will receive hundreds of new armoured vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles, and tanks will be of great importance for the country, said Stoltenberg.

This support will not only allow the Ukrainians to defend themselves against new Russian offensives, but will also allow them to launch their own offensive actions to gain control over the territory back, added Stoltenberg.

Answering the question whether Germany is harming European unity because it has not yet agreed to the supply of Leopard 2, Stoltenberg said that “discussions will continue”.

He recalled that the types of support were constantly changing since the beginning of the war. The Secretary General also emphasised that Germany is one of the allies that supports Ukraine the most.

“Artillery, ammunition, air defence systems, and now Marder infantry fighting vehicles: Germany is truly a leader in supporting Ukraine in many, many spheres,” he said.