Do you want to have very beautiful violets? Follow these tips

Do you want to know how to properly care for violets? If you are passionate about growing these wonderful flowers, then you definitely want to. Get to know the five secrets of growing violets successfully!

Point one: feeding

Any plant needs feeding and violets are no exception. According to many violet growers, the best fertilizer is tea infusion. But you should not get carried away and pour it on the flower: add this fertilizer only after spring. Store fertilizers designed specifically for these flowers will not be superfluous. However, the basis should still be the brew.

Point two: the correct choice of pot

It is very important that it should not be large. Moreover, it should be so small that it gives the impression that the flower is cramped in it. This is explained by the fact that, being in the right conditions, the violet will begin to grow in the direction of the roots and leaves, but you may not see the flowers at all.

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Point three: skillful watering

Never water a violet from above, because if water gets stuck between the joints of the leaves and stems, rotting can begin. Therefore, it is best to stick a drainage tube into the ground, through which water will flow directly to the roots, or moisten the soil from below – through the drainage holes.

Point four: drainage holes

Since the violet does not like excessive humidity, there should be many such holes. Moreover, their size should also be quite large. Do not forget about expanded clay.

Point five: soil

In order not to suffer with experiments, it is better to immediately purchase a special soil for violets. This is extremely important, because violets are very picky about the soil. Some experienced florists recommend adding agrovermiculite to such soil, which makes it even lighter and looser. In addition, it helps maintain optimal humidity and temperature. The ratio of agrovermiculite and soil should be equal.

Of course, these are not all the secrets of caring for violets, but they should be taken into account in the first place.