Boris Johnson visits Bucha and Kyiv, meets with Zelenskyy

Boris Johnson, the former UK Prime Minister, has come to Ukraine and visited the settlements of Bucha and Borodianka, Kyiv Oblast.

Previously, videos appeared on social media, and later Reuters correspondents posted a photo of Johnson in Bucha.

Later, Zelenskyy posted a video of his meeting with Johnson and thanked him for support.

As the Ukraine President’s Office said, they discussed the practical steps that Johnson can take for Ukraine. In particular, the preparation of the “peace summit”. The President emphasized that the best guarantee for Ukraine would be membership in NATO and that “it is important to promote this opinion.”

Johnson also asked Zelensky about the details of the situation at the front.

“Additional mobilization will not help Russia, its army lacks motivation. However, we need more weapons: tanks, planes, long-range missile weapons,” the President of Ukraine emphasized.