An effective way to fight ants with semolina. A useful tip for gardeners.

So, we will need 300 g of semolina and 100 g of powdered sugar. Both ingredients must be properly mixed together. Spread the finished composition generously around the anthill and in places where ants congregate (for example, on particularly busy paths).

The ants will not be able to resist such a generous tasty snack and will begin to eat it themselves, instead of carrying it to the anthill for the queen (the latter, however, will also suffer somewhat). In these highly regulated insects, individual selfish needs will prevail over collective interests.

The semolina swells inside the small chitinous bodies, as a result of which the ants die, literally flaking from the inside.

Some try to save themselves by running away. In this case, you need to generously sprinkle sweet semolina on all the ways to the retreat. Those who did not manage to escape in time and did not die the death of the brave should be finished off with a solution of ammonia diluted with clean water (50 ml per 10 l).

Another option involves spreading semolina directly on the anthill. In this case, when the croup swells, it will tightly block all entrances and exits, as a result of which the uterus, which is located in the depths, will die of starvation.

Even if this does not happen, the fungus will soon begin to develop strongly on the swollen semolina, which will force the ants to find a more suitable place for themselves.

The main effect occurs already 2-3 days after treatment. After 1-1.5 weeks, the anthill is completely empty.