An effective folk remedy for weeds in your garden. Forget about store-bought products.

Many summer residents who fundamentally do not use toxic mixtures for weed control – herbicides – know an excellent folk way to get rid of weeds on their site. This time-tested and effective means of killing weeds and all unwanted grass is made from common table salt and acetic acid.

To prepare a vinegar solution of the required concentration, dilute vinegar essence (70%) with clean water, taking 3.5 parts of water for each part of acid. That is, to prepare 4.5 liters of solution, dilute 1 liter of 70% acid in 3.5 liters of water.

Mix the resulting 20% solution of acetic acid (4.5 liters) with 2/3 cup of large table salt, wait until the crystals are completely dissolved in the liquid, add a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent or liquid household soap. Soap in the composition of the solution will ensure additional adhesion of acids to the surface of the vegetative mass of plants.

The prepared “home herbicide” is used to treat vegetation in hot, sunny weather. Spray plants from a spray bottle or pour them from a watering can with a fine strainer.

Choose a day for the event when precipitation is not expected, because even a little rain reduces the effectiveness of irrigation several times. The first results appear after 5-6 hours. Mass death of weed crops can be observed the next day.

If there is no vinegar essence in the household, feel free to take ordinary table white vinegar (9%). However, with a less concentrated product, you will have to perform several treatments with an interval of 7-8 days.

It is worth knowing

It should be noted that the agent, which comes into direct contact with the aerial parts of plants, destroys them completely. That is, it is a really working means of weed control. Moreover, absolutely all cultures are dying. Therefore, solution treatment is carried out exclusively in those areas where there are not only no cultural plantings, but they are not planned in the coming years, because vinegar and salt washes out the nutrient compounds necessary for growth and development from the soil.

Most often, summer residents spray with a solution garden paths, cracks between paving stones or laid paving stones, from which grass and perennials persistently make their way, driveways, courtyards, the area near the fireplace and other places located far from cultural plantings.

When preparing the composition, always use protective equipment for hands, eyes and exposed body parts: rubber gloves, glasses, cap, handkerchief