So that trees, grapes and roses do not get sick, treat them with this solution

Treatment of the garden with a solution of copper sulfate is considered one of the most effective means against various diseases. This is a kind of fungicide that is quite successfully used by experienced summer residents. But, as a rule, all processing is carried out in early spring, before the awakening of the trees themselves.

But if your trees or roses, grapes, berry bushes got sick in the fall, then a natural question arises, can you still spray them with copper sulfate in the fall? Is this autumn treatment even possible and can it give something?

In fact, treatment with copper sulfate in the fall is indeed possible. And at the same time, you can destroy not only fungal spores, but also pests that try to hide in the bark, on branches or in the soil under trees.

How to prepare a solution?

Prepare the working solution first. To do this, take 10 liters of water and dissolve 100 g of copper sulfate powder in them. This volume is enough for you to process 100 sq.m. area of your garden. To be more precise, one apple tree will need approximately 2 liters of this solution.

If you want to spray plums, cherries and cherries, it is best to prepare a solution with a smaller amount of copper sulfate. It is enough to take 50 g of the substance per 10 liters of water.

To process roses, you need to prepare a 3% solution of copper sulfate. Take 30 g of powder per 1 liter of water. Spray roses: 1 liter per bush.

To process grapes, take 100 g of powder per 10 liters of water. If we are talking about young grape bushes, then the dosage will be 2 times less — 50 g per 10 liters of water.

When should you spray?

Trees and shrubs should be sprayed when the bulk of the leaves fall off on their own. At the same time, be sure to remove leaves from the site, and also spray the soil under the working crops.