A cheap product that will nourish and protect your indoor plants from diseases and pests

All plants need to be fed from time to time, especially indoor plants. There are many ways to do this, they are quite effective and one of them is the use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

Before use, be sure to check the plants for diseases or pests, because this can cause the death of the flower. Thanks to the hydrogen peroxide solution, the plants begin to bloom and smell. And it will also protect them from adverse conditions: dry and hot air, a small amount of daylight, etc.


Take a liter of distilled water and add 2 tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Pour into a sprayer and spray houseplants daily. Do not overdo it with processing.


Prepare in the same way, but use only once a week. This method will disinfect the soil from bacteria and rot, and will also enhance root growth.


Seeds are soaked in this solution before planting, seedlings are treated, wasted and half-dead plants are revived.


Peroxide will be the first aid in the fight against pests (mites, midges, scale insects).

Mix 250 ml of distilled water, 30 ml of peroxide and 40 drops of iodine solution. Treat the affected areas. When using hydrogen peroxide, the plant does not need additional feeding.