A drop of iodine – and your geranium blooms and smells again

There are several reasons for the yellowing of geranium leaves:

  • Lack of moisture – the leaves begin to dry at the edges.
  • Excess moisture – the leaves of the plant become sluggish and rot.
  • Lack of light – the leaves fall off from below, and the stem becomes bare.

Geranium loves fresh air in the summer, move it to the balcony, garden or plant it in the ground.

After a change of location, the plant experiences stress, the leaves fall off and turn yellow.

However, when the flower adapts, it will begin to bloom and spread fragrance.

In the fresh air, geranium grows, under the influence of sunlight, the leaves can acquire a pink color. The best temperature is from +10 to +12°С, at this time the flower develops especially rapidly and pleases our eyes with its beauty.

When the temperature drops to +2°С, cut the geranium and transplant it into a pot. For initial adaptation, place at +10°C and gradually increase the temperature to room temperature.

It is best to feed geranium with iodine:

Take a liter of distilled water and add 1 drop of iodine solution.

Water so that 50 ml of the mixture is applied to the walls of the flower pot. Apply the product sparingly so as not to damage the roots.