Rules for caring for an orchid so that it blooms constantly and does not disappear

Orchid is a very capricious flower, but incredibly beautiful. In order for it to bloom constantly, it is necessary to create ideal conditions for its existence. Before you buy this plant, check its age. The absence of arrows indicates a young, up to 1.5 year old orchid. The number of shoots should be from 5 to 8.

Moving this plant from one place to another is very harmful to it. Therefore, after you bring it home, plant it in a transparent pot and put it in a quiet place. It is impossible to grow an orchid in a relief vase, it deforms the root system and it will stop blooming. A transparent pot will give the rhizome more light and the opportunity to monitor its condition.

Lighting is the most important link in the life of an orchid. It needs 12 hours a day of constant lighting, so starting from the autumn season, it needs an additional light source.

Water the orchid only when the soil is completely dry. This will prevent fungal infection. It is necessary to reduce watering after the formation of all buds. To stimulate the flowering process, keep the plant outdoors so that the temperature fluctuates by 4-6°C. You need to start from March until October.

If you notice that the orchid has started to wither, you need to pick up its roots. To do this, get everything that is in the pot. Look at the rhizome, cut off diseased and dried parts. Replace the soil with a new one or bake it in the oven and plant again. After some time, the orchid will adapt and please with its flowering.