Effective means that will help get rid of mold in a pot with flowers

White or black mold often appears on the soil of indoor plants and seedlings. Few people pay attention to this problem, but there can be very unpleasant consequences. Black mold is very dangerous not only for plants. It causes strong allergic reactions in people, especially in children. White mold usually appears on the soil and organic remains of indoor plants, where it is warm and humid, which creates ideal conditions for it.

The soil around the plants becomes dense in the form of a crust, air exchange is disturbed and the plants suffocate. Thanks to this, the mineral composition and acidity of the soil is disturbed. If nothing is done, the plants may die.

The reason for the appearance of mold

To effectively combat the disease, you must first identify the cause of its appearance:

  • There are no drainage holes in the pots or they are clogged;
  • Frequent and too excessive watering;
  • The water does not meet the required quality;
  • Excessive air humidity.

How to get rid of mold

The fight against mold must be started immediately, as soon as the first signs of the disease appear. White mold immediately penetrates deep into the ground.

Remove the top layer of soil and water with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Shake with fresh soil, add activated charcoal, and a layer of sand on top. Then water indoor plants with Fitosporin-M.

The most effective way to get rid of mold is to transplant the plant into another pot with a complete replacement of the soil. Periodically water the plants with Fitosporin-M, it will not only protect the plants from mold and various fungal diseases, but also nourish them. Water as needed, when the soil dries out and regularly loosen it.

Prevention of the appearance of mold

  • There should be drainage holes in the pots so that excess water drains away.
  • Prepare the soil for planting plants with the addition of trichodermin or charcoal.
  • The upper layer above the soil is covered with sand.
  • Pay attention to the lighting on the windowsill, because mold does not like bright light.
  • Feed plants with ash infusion, it destroys mold at the earliest stage of its infection.