To whom and what kind of orchid can be given as a gift, and to whom it is better not to do this

Orchid is a very capricious flower and needs careful care and special conditions. Therefore, it is better not to give an orchid to people who do not like house plants or do not pay them the necessary attention. The exception is the case when a person himself asks for this gift.

For those who have never had orchids, but take care of other plants, it is better to choose the most common variety of this flower. It can be phalaenopsis, dendrobium, oncidium, paphiopedilum and cymbidium.

Choose the most diverse representatives of this plant for an experienced specialist in orchids, who easily navigates the varieties.

An orchid is given with certain symbolism

Pink – symbolizes happiness, purity, love and can be given to a young girl on various holidays, for example, March 8 or a birthday.

Violet symbolizes merit, age and experience. Therefore, it is better to give it to women at an older age.

Blue symbolizes uniqueness. It is ideal for a declaration of love.

Variegated color symbolizes passion and strong relationships in the future. It is better to give a gift to a beloved woman – a wife or a bride.

White orchids decorate weddings very well, and they can also be given as gifts for anniversaries.

Yellow generally has a neutral character, but many associate this color with sad symbolism. As a gift, it is better to present only to good acquaintances or friends.