Why do windows fog up and how to get rid of this problem

The reason for the fogging of the windows is the difference between the temperature outside and in the house. As a result, condensation forms, which manifests itself as drops on the glass, fogging and water on the windowsills. This situation occurs due to the poor quality of windows, single-chamber glazing and errors during installation.

How to get rid of the problem without replacing the windows with new ones:

  • The first thing to do is to establish ventilation in the room. Constantly air the rooms and clean the ventilation channels.
  • Remove the plants from the windowsill. Due to constant watering and their life processes, windows can also fog up.
  • If possible, eliminate all installation errors. For example, uneven slopes or poor sealing.

In the kitchen, always install high-quality packages and a powerful hood, because this is the room in which the largest amount of condensate is formed, due to the high humidity of the air.

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