Flowers and technologies for growing them at home until March 8

Flowers in a pot will be a great gift for dear women on March 8. They bloom for a long time and pleasantly surprise with their colors.

List of flowers and technologies for growing them at home

1. Tulip

Choose tight, round and blemish-free tulip bulbs with a diameter of 3.5-5.5 cm. Pour soil into the pot and plant the bulbs. Store in a dark and cool (5-9°C) place. A month before the holiday, move to a warm and bright room.

2. Hyacinth

Planting should be done in January. Fill the pot with nutrient-rich soil and plant the hyacinth bulb so that the roots are in the ground and the bulb is out. Put in a dark and cool (4-6°С) room and check the dryness of the soil. When watering, do not wet the top, because the plant may start to rot. Move the hyacinth to the windowsill when the leaves grow 4-5 cm long. The flower will bloom quickly in the sun.

3. Primula

Plant sprouts or seedlings in a pot with fertilized soil and store in a cool room at 5-8°С. Two weeks before the holiday, move the plant to the windowsill and wait for abundant flowering.

4. Lily of the Valley

Planting should be done in early February. Soak the prepared roots in water at 37-40°C for 12 hours. Cut and plant in a pot with soil so that the buds are 1.5 cm above the surface. Place the plant in a dark place and wait for flowering on 22-26 days.

5. Amaryllis

Start planting in early January. Plant the bulb in a pot with soil so that the top is above the surface. For the formation of buds, you need to establish good lighting, watering, a temperature of 25°C and constantly irrigate the soil.

6. Forsythia

Young shoots 40 cm long should be cut from the bush and placed in warm sweet water at 30°C 10 days before the holiday. On the 5th day, buds will appear, and on the 10th, yellow and delicate flowers will begin to open.