Grandma’s method of germinating seeds that will give a good harvest. Note to gardeners

The yield of vegetables depends on the quality of the seeds from which they are grown. The seeds may contain pathogenic microorganisms, which in the future can cause the death of a young plant or infect future fruits with disease.

Even our great-grandmothers knew that if the seeds are well warmed, then there will be healthy plants that will give a good harvest:

  • Cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, and cabbage seeds need to be moist warmed up. To do this, place it in a dish with hot water of 45-50 degrees and hold for 20 minutes. Periodically pour hotter water over the walls of the tank to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Place the onion seedling on a battery where the temperature is not lower than 40 degrees and heat it for 12 hours. Then dip the bulbs in cold water and dry.
  • Fresh cucumber seeds should be placed in a bag and attached to the heating battery. Warm up in this way during the month, this will significantly increase the future harvest.
  • Carrot, parsley and beetroot seeds must be wrapped in wet gauze and kept for at least two days. Make sure that the water does not turn sour.
  • Pumpkin and squash seeds love a strong solution of green tea. Put them in there for a day and the harvest will be crazy.

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