Trees that should be planted near the house to attract happiness and prosperity

Since ancient times, people have believed that trees have magical powers that can heal diseases and attract happiness and prosperity.

The most common trees and their properties:


This wonderful tree has a protective power. Its branches were stuck in the roof of the house, barn and in the field or garden. By touching the birch trunk, you can restore lost strength and energy. For unknown reasons, lightning does not strike a birch, so it was planted near the house to protect itself from thunderstorms.


This tree symbolizes power and strength. Having planted an oak near the house, the ancestors tried to bring prosperity to the family. And the newlyweds, in order to have a happy family life, went around the oak tree three times.


Planting a spruce near the house is a very bad sign. The mistress of this house will be childless or only girls will be born. If the spruce dies from a lightning strike or dries up, then the owners of the house will soon die. You can’t hide under this tree from a thunderstorm, because lightning is very fond of spruce.


Maple is very close to the human body. He cures various diseases, predicts fate and can point to an evil person. Due to the life-giving power of the maple tree, coffins cannot be made from it.


This tree is considered cursed, but it is often used as a talisman against dark forces. Aspen can’t be planted near the house and you can’t sit in its shadow, so as not to invite trouble.In ancient times, an aspen peg was stuck into the coffin of the deceased so that it would not turn into an evil spirit.

You can also plant other trees near your house, we wrote about this earlier.