What is the best way to grow seedlings so that they are beautiful and healthy

To grow beautiful and healthy seedlings, you need to choose the container in which they will grow. But as practice shows, it is grown in any containers. Specialized stores advertise a large number of all kinds of greenhouses on the windowsill, miniature greenhouses, cassettes for seedlings, and more.

Some make their own boxes or use improvised containers. And someone buys goods in the store: cups made of plastic, peat, cassettes with cells for plants.

The right container for growing seedlings:

1. Bowls are flat

Sow the vegetables that will need to be pickled in a wide container with low sides. Flat bowls or plastic, transparent cake lids are suitable for this.

2. Cassettes with cells for one plant

Seeds of only one plant can be sown in such cassettes. They are usually used for expensive and decorative plants: eustoma, petunia, eggplant, pepper. The disadvantages of cassette packaging are considered to be only that when growing seedlings, the soil in the cassettes dries out very quickly. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor and water in time. You need to take high-quality cassettes, a little more expensive, then they will last for more than one year.

3. Pots 9×9 cm

These are pots for growing seedlings without digging. They are round and square. But square pots are more suitable for window sills because they more rationally save the area of the windowsill.

4. Pots 12×12.

For plants that grow more intensively and with a considerable root system. Seedlings are grown in these pots without digging.

5. Peat pots

Such pots are used for planting seeds directly in them or for picking seedlings in them.

Peat pots allow, when planting plants in open soil, to preserve the earthy lump on the roots of the seedlings. In order not to damage the roots of the plant, you can plant them together with the pot in the ground.

6. Peat cassettes

They consist of sections in the form of egg trays. Take cassettes such that the cells in them are at least 10 cm deep, for normal plant development. Before planting in the soil, simply cut the cassette into sections with secateurs and plant the plant together with the cell without damaging the roots.

7. Peat tablets.

Another type of seedless method of growing flowers and vegetables for your garden is peat tablets. They already have all the nutrients that the plant needs for germination and further development. They are especially suitable for more delicate plants that do not tolerate stress during transplantation or insufficient watering or nutrients. All plants, without exception, develop well and grow quickly in such tablets. Plants are planted in the soil together with tablets, which preserves the integrity and integrity of the root system and minimizes stress when the conditions of development change.

8. Containers for seedlings are made by hand.

At home, you can knock down not deep wooden boxes for sowing seeds for seedlings. So that in the future it would be possible to dip it in cassettes or pots. But if you make the boxes deep, approximately 10-15 cm deep, then you can pick more undemanding plants for transplanting in such a container.