Planting calendar for March and April 2023. To have a good harvest

For a good harvest of vegetable crops, use planting calendar to know on which days you can plant seeds for seedlings, and on which days it is prohibited.

Favorable days in March:

  • March 9: you can work on the land, treat plants from pests, plant cucumbers, hot peppers and various herbs.
  • March 11-12: you can do gardening, but grafting and processing plants and trees is not recommended. You can plant vegetables, decorative and fruit trees.
  • March 13-14: it is undesirable to engage in pruning, transplanting and picking. You can sow vegetable crops.
  • March 17-18: work with plants growing on the surface is allowed. Planting and sowing of plants is allowed.
  • March 27-28: these days are the most favorable in this month for planting and sowing all vegetable crops and various flower plants. It is not recommended to transplant, dive and divide tubers.
  • March 29-30: it is desirable to plant: watermelons, pumpkins, cucumbers, radishes, various types of cabbage and hot peppers. It is not advisable to sow and transplant: spices and green crops.

Successful days for planting and sowing:

  • April 6: on this day, seeds of cucumbers, eggplants, bitter pepper, parsley, and dill are sown. Do not soak the seeds.April 7-8: you can do everything except vaccinations and spraying.
  • April 9-10: green and vegetable crops are allowed to be sown. It is not desirable to transplant, as well as to deal with tubers and bulbs.
  • April 14: vegetable and decorative crops can be sown. It is forbidden to transplant and work with the roots.
  • April 18-19: sowing, transplanting of all crops and herbs is allowed. Do not prune, do not spray or apply fertilizers.
  • April 23-24: no loosening, transplanting and diving. All other works are allowed.
  • April 25-27: you can sow and transplant melons, watermelons, legumes, all varieties of cabbage, radishes, hot peppers, mint and spinach, in addition to herbs.
  • April 28-29: on this day, do not use pesticides, do not work with tubers, grasses and trees. All other work is allowed.