Planting rose bushes in the spring. How to properly plant and care

Early spring is the optimal time for planting rose bushes in open ground. There are certain rules for planting roses.

  1. It is necessary to correctly choose and buy a variety of rose bushes. And there are many of them, so choose from verified sellers, preferably at a nursery. They should be suitable for your weather conditions.
  2. It is necessary to pay attention to the root system of the plant, to the quality and thickness of the stem. Also, the bush should look healthy, without stains and rust.
  3. In order for the bush to grow well and delight with its fragrant flowers all summer, you need to choose a place for it. It should be illuminated by the sun for at least 6 hours a day and have good air circulation. Do not plant close to bushes and trees.
  4. If your roses have an open root system, soak them in water for a day before planting to saturate the seedling roots with water. You can add vitamin B1, antifungal and antibacterial drugs to the water.
  5. Dig a hole for planting a rose bush measuring 60×60 cm. Put compost, nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer and bone meal in the hole.
  6. Cut the roots of the plant by two centimeters, and remove the damaged ones.
  7. Pour some soil over the compost, plant the rose bush, spread out the roots and fill the hole with soil.Tamp the soil well around the seedling and water. Make sure that the basal node is 2 cm above the ground level.
  8. Mulch the earth around the seedling to preserve moisture and prevent the sun from baking. Water the rose bushes once every three days for four weeks. Then as needed. After two or three months, the first buds of rose flowers may appear.

Roses planted in early spring will be more hardy, healthier, practically do not get sick and have strong immunity.