How to rejuvenate peony bushes so that the flowers are large and do not get sick

Peonies are incredibly beautiful, bright and fragrant flowers that grow in almost every flower bed. However, they, like all other bushes, require updating. This should be done every 4 years.

The whole procedure consists in separating and cleaning the root system from old roots, growths, dead stems and elements of the root neck. If rejuvenation is not carried out, the plant will begin to get sick, and the flowers will be small and quickly fade.

The technique of rejuvenating peony bushes.

  • It is better to carry out the procedure in August – September.
  • Dig a deep trench around the bush and shake it until it comes out of the ground.
  • Clean the rhizomes from the ground and leave for 4 hours so that they are not so fragile.
  • Cut the stems to 10 cm long and wash thoroughly with water.
  • Divide the rhizome into two or more parts with a stake.
  • With a knife, divide each part into sections and cut off dead, diseased and broken roots.
  • Leave sections with 2 or 3 buds and a young root 10 cm long.
  • After planting, peonies begin to bloom after two years and have an unparalleled appearance.