How to plant Geranium correctly so that it blooms beautifully and for a long time

Geranium is a perennial flower that tolerates cold well. There are several methods of growing this plant indoors and in flowerbeds.

Planting geranium seeds


  • 3 new varieties appear;
  • Transfer of superiority from the mother plant to the daughter;
  • Gives a lot of shoots.


  • It is difficult to care for seedlings;
  • A long period of growth.

Planting method:

  • Take a flat container with a height of 5-10 cm. It can be a food container with a lid.
  • Mix perlite with soil in a ratio of 1:3, fill the container to a depth of 5 cm, make a furrow, place the seeds with tweezers, cover with soil, tamp and water.
  • Before the emergence of seedlings, after 10-15 days, cover with polyethylene film and transfer to the windowsill.
  • When the first shoots appear, remove the film and monitor the temperature regime, air humidity and watering.
  • The plant will bloom only on the 90th day.

Planting geranium cuttings

Geranium cuttings can be transplanted in the spring. This method is simple and effective.

Planting method:

  • With sharp scissors wiped with alcohol, cut the cutting to the stem at a right angle, there should be three or more leaves on the cutting. If a tall bush should be a stem of 5-7 cm, a low bush should be 4 cm, the inflorescence should not be on it.
  • Put the cuttings in the solution of the root former and then dry the sections.
  • In a pot with a volume of 200 ml, put drainage: pieces of foam, pebbles, peat, pour the prepared substrate on top or mix the soil from the garden with humus, sand, turf in equal quantities.
  • Pour the substrate with hot water or a solution of potassium permanganate, plant the cuttings at a 45-degree angle to a depth of 2-4 cm.
  • In summer, the first flowers may appear in geraniums.