How to properly transplant Peonies, and how to care for them

The peony blooms very early, sometimes even in May. It blooms for a long time, charming everyone with its unparalleled beauty. But in order to admire blooming peonies every year, you need to know all the subtleties of caring for this plant.

Peonies are very sensitive to transplanting, and if something is done incorrectly, the plant may die.

The ideal option for transplanting peonies is the beginning of September. At this time, the plant actively grows shoots, which can later be transplanted to a new place.

Preparation is two weeks long

Before transplanting peony bushes, you need to prepare a planting hole. The soil should be stable and have a good drainage system.

Therefore, two weeks before transplanting, dig large pits, at least 0.5 meters deep, for the required number of bushes. Pour pebbles of fine fraction or river sand there. Then pour half a bucket of sand mixed with sod land on top.

Or prepare the following mixture:

  • Bone meal 1 cup;
  • Superphosphate 50 gr.;
  • Wood ash 1 cup;
  • Fermented manure 1 part;
  • Peat 1 part.

Mix all the ingredients together and place in the planting holes, pour water on top of each bucket and leave for the soil to settle. Place the peony bushes in the prepared holes, cover with earth and cover with pine branches, which will protect the plant from spring or autumn frosts.

Correct transplant

Cut off the top of the plant, leaving 10 centimeters of stem on the surface. Dig up the soil around the peony bush and water it well. Dig up the bushes the next day with pitchforks, because a shovel can damage the roots, then the flower can be sick for a long time or even die.

After digging, clean the root of the plant from the soil, and if the acidity of the soil is high, wash it in a solution of potassium permanganate. But during spring digging, peonies do not need to remove the earth from the roots, but it is better to dig it with the largest lump of soil.

Place the peony roots inside the planting hole, water it and cover it with soil. The plant should grow slightly below ground level in a shallow hole where rainwater or irrigation water will collect. The branches and buds of the plant should not be deeply buried in the ground, but only 5-7 centimeters.

In the first month, the peony bushes will be sick, so you need to pay maximum attention to them: water regularly, loosen the soil around the bush, and when the plant starts to grow, roll it up and tie it to a support.

About the neighborhood in the flowerbed

Plant other plants at a distance of 20 or more centimeters from the peony.

Plants should be lower in size and flowers than the peony bush, so as not to cover it.

Do not plant other flowers between the peony bushes.

Plant only one variety of peony in one flower bed.