How to treat strawberries in the spring so that they do not get sick, but give birth well

Complex products, which include plant components, are still in demand among gardeners. In the spring, with the help of these tools, they carry out preventive treatments of their strawberry plantations. Over the years, these drugs have proven their effectiveness in the prevention and control of diseases and harmful insects.

Such simple and affordable means are not harmful to the environment, soil and people.

Means against harmful insects:

  1. Garlic. A very good remedy for aphids. For 10 liters of water, take 200-300 grams of crushed garlic, insist for 5-7 days and process the plants.
  2. Dandelion. Dandelion will help against strawberry mite. In 10 liters of hot water, put 800 grams of chopped green dandelion, insist for 4-5 hours, then mix and strain.
  3. Tarragon. In 10 liters of water, soak 2 kg of chopped green parts of wormwood. Put on the fire and boil for 10 minutes. In this way, prepare a decoction of fresh tobacco leaves, it will also help in the fight against spider mites.
  4. Onionskin. Fill half of a 10-liter bucket with onion peels, pour boiling water, close the lid and leave for 48 hours. Then dilute twice with water and treat the beds with strawberries from the strawberry mite.
  5. Bitter red pepper. To a liter of water, add chopped 100 grams of pepper pods, boil and boil for about an hour, leave to infuse for 48 hours. Use against weevils by diluting the decoction 1:20.
  6. Prepare a suspension for ants: take 0.5 liters of table vinegar and 0.25 liters of oil for 10 liters of water.

Disease remedies:

  • Tansy For 10 liters of water, put 0.5 kg of chopped fresh tansy grass or 75 grams of dry. Insist for a day, then boil for 20 minutes. Then filter and dilute with water 1:5. Spray plants against powdery mildew and strawberry mite.
  • Mustard. For 10 liters of boiling water, add 100 grams of mustard powder, insist for 2-3 days and dilute by half. Treat strawberry bushes from gray rot.
  • Wood ash. Sprinkle strawberry bushes and soil with ash all around, on 1 square meter. m. 70 grams, helps against various types of rot.
  • Forage hay. Pour a kilogram of dead grass with 3 liters of water and insist for 5-6 hours. This tool will help protect plants from powdery mildew.

To all solutions, add laundry soap, which you rub in advance and dissolve in hot water until it forms a liquid state, it will help to keep the solution on the plants better.

First treatment in spring

After the snow melts, start processing the strawberry beds in the following sequence:

  • remove cover;
  • remove the mulch;
  • remove all old plant residues;
  • dig up weak and old strawberry bushes, and plant young ones in their place;
  • carefully sow the entire bed.

All plant residues must be burned.

When you carry out thorough cleaning and sanitary pruning of the strawberry plot, carry out preventive treatment, which can prevent the appearance of diseases and harmful insects. Apply fungicidal and insecticidal drugs: Bordeaux mixture, copper sulfate, Trichodermin, Fitosporin. Pour hot water over the strawberry bed, add potassium permanganate to it, a bright pink strong solution should form.