How to easily and quickly propagate an orchid from the root. Note to hostesses

Many housewives have an orchid flower at home. They are propagated by “children”, they can sometimes appear on the mother shoot of the plant or with the help of a cutting with a leaf. There is another way, it is not yet popular and quite successful, namely with a piece of the root of an adult flower.

Prepare the roots

Sometimes orchids can drop their leaves and fade quickly, but you should not throw away such a flower. Examine the roots of the plant, if it looks healthy from the outside, then try to grow a new flower from it, but only if there are pseudobulbs in the root system of your orchid.

To do this, remove the plant from the pot, shake the roots from the substrate, cut the rhizome with a sharp knife, leave two pseudo nodules on healthy parts of the root for reproduction. But from small fragments of roots, the orchid will grow for a very long time. Treat the sections with cinnamon powder to protect the flower from pests and diseases. Next, plant the roots in a new substrate.

Choose a substrate for a pot

The substrate in which you will grow the “kids” is no different from the one in which the mother flower grew. To do this, purchase a substrate intended only for growing orchids. It consists of small pieces of pine bark, coconut fiber and peat.

Rooting of orchids

If everything was done correctly, then there will be no problems with rooting.Soon the plants will begin to develop small roots and sometimes leaves, which means that everything is fine with the plants.

A lot of time will pass and these babies will grow up, become adult specimens and thank you for your hard work with lush flowering.

Further care

If your small orchids have taken root and taken root, they do not need additional manipulations. Care for them in the same way as for adult flowers.

The main thing is to provide the flowers with a temperature regime of at least 16-24 degrees, a light regime of at least 8 hours and a watering regime. These plants cannot stand excess moisture and overdried substrate can negatively affect their health. Carefully monitor the condition of the substrate. For proper watering, pour water into a container and place a pot with a flower in it, the substrate will absorb as much water as needed. Then put the flower in its usual place on the windowsill.

Feed your orchids on time for healthy growth and abundant blooms.