How to quickly and easily get rid of spiders in the garden and in the house. Effective methods

A spider is a common inhabitant of living nature. There are a huge number of species of them on the planet. They are found in gardens and houses and are safe for humans. Spiders feed on other insects – flies, midges and mosquitoes. But when they often fall into our eyes, it’s annoying.

Spiders indoors

They are divided into three types: long-legged haymaker spiders, wandering spiders that do not spin webs, black or gray house spiders of small size 1.5 cm.

They climb into the house through window openings, cracks in the floor or descend from the attic. They live in dusty, dark and damp places.

Spiders don’t live where they clean all the time. In utility rooms, empty closets, sheds, and in gardens, their elements are there.

Garden spiders are the best helpers. They catch various insects, caterpillars, leafhoppers, aphids, bugs and many other pests.

Spiders that do not live on trees and bushes, but settle on the ground, are called tarantulas. During the day, they sit on their burrows, and at night they wait for insects outside at the entrance. They are active from early spring to the beginning of winter. Tarantulas hibernate in a hole, closing the entrance, and when it gets warmer, they open it. When touched, this spider can jump 10 cm high and bite. The bite site is very painful and in many cases causes fever, so contact with it is not worth it.

How to get rid of spiders

In order not to meet spiders, you can resort to the following measures:

  • Carry out regular and thorough cleaning in the room.
  • Repair old buildings, spiders do not like the smell of paint and glue.
  • Also, citrus smells can scare them away. Spread orange or lemon peels everywhere and you won’t see spiders anymore.
  • Add a few drops of peppermint oil to the water and spray the places where spiders live. Put this oil or tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil on a sponge and wipe the baseboards and moldings in the rooms with it.
  • Cover your windows with mosquito nets.
  • In greenhouses, regularly clean cozy corners from cobwebs.
  • Plant more peppermints in gardens to deter spiders.
  • To destroy tarantulas, purchase special chemicals.