What to do when the leaves on the tomatoes began to curl

There are many reasons why tomato leaves curl. As they twisted, you can immediately guess what the plant is missing.

If the leaves spin up with a “shuttle”

There are two reasons for this: Potato aphids:

  •  Treat tomatoes with any insecticides.
  • Environment. Tomatoes do not like hot and cold weather. Also, the leaves may curl due to a lack of moisture and trace elements. Mulch the soil in the tomato bed with straw, grass clippings, rotted humus or compost. Treat plants with a complex of trace elements.

A lack of calcium can also cause the face to turn upside down. But it can be easily detected. At the same time, the tip of the mouth dries up on the plants, and top rot appears on the fruits. Feed the tomatoes with calcium nitrate.

If the leaves spin down

These signs are very dangerous for plants. These may be the first symptoms of bacterial cancer. If they spin, turn brown and dry, this is cancer. If you are not sure, then cut off the affected stem of the tomato, if there is a brown ring on the cut, then it is it. Immediately remove the plants from the site and burn them, and if there are none, then it will still be possible to fight.

Twisting the leaves downwards can mean insufficient amount of phosphorus, boron, potassium and other trace elements in the soil. Feed tomatoes with the following preparations: Tomato, Sudarushka, Polymicro or complex fertilizer with trace elements.

Gardeners often overfeed their plants with a manganese solution, with a maximum rate of 1 tsp. for 10 liters water In this case, the leaves also twist, and young leaves shrivel. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully adhere to dosages.

Twisting due to lack of potassium

If the edges of the tomato leaves begin to dry, and then curl, turn brown, and the veins turn pale, this is a sign of potassium deficiency. Shake wood ash around the tomato bushes. It contains a lot of potassium and other useful substances.