Use of dry mustard against pests in the garden. Simple and effective remedy

Many gardeners use dry mustard to scare off harmful insects in the yard. An infusion is prepared from it and added to various mixtures. It is completely safe and ecological for the environment, but it works no less effectively than any chemical preparations. And it is also cheap, accessible and useful.

Use of dry mustard against pests in the garden

Correct use of dry mustard

Using dry mustard powder has a much longer shelf life than diluted and infused with water. In dry weather, mustard powder can last on plants for 7-8 days, and sometimes up to 2 weeks.

An aqueous solution based on mustard powder is applied to the plants in the morning or at the end of the day, when the sun sets or on cloudy days, so as not to burn the leaves of the plants.

Infusion of mustard from pests

  •  Fighting the Colorado potato beetle

Dilute 200 grams of mustard powder in 10 liters of boiling water and leave to infuse for 2-3 hours, covered with a lid. Then filter the infusion, add 5 tbsp. l. 9% vinegar and 50 ml of liquid soap to keep the product on plant leaves for the longest time.

Treat vegetables with this infusion, once every 7 days, after rain, and be sure to repeat. By watering the ground with this agent every 7-10 days, you can get rid of wireworm.

  • Fighting slugs and snails

To drive voracious molluscs away from the beds of greens, treat them from time to time with mustard powder between the rows or shake it on top of the mulch layer. You can enhance the effect with the help of ground hot pepper and wood ash powder in a ratio of 1:1:1. Snails will burn their skin with this mixture and will leave the bed.

  • Fight against butterflies and goosebumps

Mix 1 cup each of tobacco dust and mustard powder in a 10-liter bucket of water, cover with a film and leave to infuse for 3 days. Strain the solution and treat the beds every 2 weeks until the end of summer.

  • Fight against aphids and mites

Usually, a solution of mustard powder to combat aphids is used for preventive purposes. Dilute 100 grams of mustard powder in 10 liters of water, infuse for 48 hours in a warm place, strain, dilute with water 1:2 and dissolve 2 tbsp. l. household liquid soap.

Spray the garden thoroughly with this solution before flowering, then repeat after 14 days after flowering, and then treat every 2 weeks.

  • Fighting the copperhead and sawfly

Pour 100 grams of mustard powder with 10 liters of boiling water, infuse for 24 hours, covered with a film or lid, then strain. Add 40-50 ml of liquid soap and treat the garden after flowering. Or prepare a suspension: stir in 10 liters of water 6-8 tbsp. l. ready mustard and process garden trees.