Effective methods that will help get rid of bugs on raspberries

Raspberry berries affected by bugs have a very unpleasant taste.

There are as many as 40,000 species of bugs on earth, they can live in the ground, water, on plant leaves and in household furniture.

On raspberry bushes, the bug sucks juice from berries and young branches and sprouts. At the same time, to scare away its natural enemies, it secretes a special enzyme with a very unpleasant taste and smell.

What is the danger of the raspberry bug:

  • It leaves unpleasant tastes and smells on the berries.
  • It feeds on sap from sprouts, which weakens the resistance of plants to diseases.
  • Having settled on raspberries, it quickly spreads to other garden crops.
  • Infects plants with a fungus. In places of bites, pathogens enter the plant, which weakens its immunity.

To prevent this insect, it is better to carry out preventive spraying of plants than to fight with it later.

How to prevent the appearance of bugs on a raspberry:

  • Remove last year’s dry leaves and branches. Repair raspberries are cleaned in autumn.
  • Then, all the remains must be burned.
  • Thickened plants should be thinned, weaker bushes should be removed, and young ones should be transplanted to another place.
  • To prevent bugs from settling or hiding in weeds, they must be removed in a timely manner.
  • Between the rows, plant a brush-shaped bug-pogon — this is a very beautiful, perennial flower that repels bugs.

To overcome this influx, you need to simultaneously fight them in all areas that are nearby.

Means for fighting bugs on raspberries:

  • Once every 7 days, pieces of film or paper are spread under the raspberry bushes, insects are shaken on them and destroyed after collecting them.
  • Spray the plants and the ground around with a systemic insecticide.
  • At the beginning of flowering, treatment with insecticides is repeated.

In order not to use chemical preparations against bugs on the raspberry tree, there are many proven folk remedies. For example, once a week, spray the area with mustard powder.

Method of preparation: pour 100 grams of dry mustard with 10 liters of boiling water and stir. Leave the solution to infuse and cool. This tool can scare away bed bugs for a while.