Feed the violet with this fertilizer in February, so that it blooms beautifully all year

Violet is a beautiful and delicate flower, which is valued for its abundant flowering and bright flowers, which is why it is loved by many florists. She is also called the “queen of the windowsill”.

Most violets, under optimal conditions, can bloom without interruption throughout the year. To do this, you only need to know how to properly stimulate the long and abundant flowering of violets.

Beginner florists are often faced with a problem: the violet does not bloom, but for 12 months only builds up green mass.

Violet is very afraid of hypothermia and overmoistening. She loves light, but does not tolerate direct sunlight. One of the important conditions for the flowering of violets is a correctly sized pot.

Experienced florists recommend, even for an adult orchid, to take a small or medium-sized pot. Also, watering a flower through a pallet is not desirable.

The most important conditions

Perlite or vermiculite should be added to the soil as a loosening agent. These additives will provide better water permeability and breathability. If the soil is watered with a large amount of water than necessary, then the excess liquid will quickly sink to the bottom – into the tray. As a result, the violet’s root system will not suffer due to waterlogging.