How to feed a lily in the autumn period, so that next year it will delight you with beautiful flowers

Garden roses are called garden queens, and lilies are their duchess. To have abundant and continuous flowering of lilies in the garden, you need to feed them regularly.

Feeding lilies when planting in the soil

The land in which you are going to plant lily bulbs is fertile and has a sufficient amount of humus, there is no need to add fertilizer to it. Otherwise, the land will need to be fertilized.

Organic matter is the most favorite fertilizer for lilies, except for fresh animal manure, which cannot be applied to the ground.

It is necessary to apply organic fertilizer according to the standard rate per 1 square meter. m. — 7-8 kg, you can also add double the rate of superphosphate — 100 gr.

Wood ash is added to the soil, the rate per 1 square meter. m. — 100 gr.

Lilies love it very much and respond with a large number of bright and fragrant flowers. Also, thanks to the ash, they have increased winter hardiness and disease resistance.

How to feed lilies in the spring

The main fertilizer in this period is nitrogen, which will provide flowers with sufficient and high-quality flowering and help grow lush greenery. In early spring, when there is still snow, ammonium nitrate or urea is spread over the surface of the flower bed at the rate of 1 square meter. m. — 2 st. l. fertilizers It is also suitable if there is nothing and an infusion of mullein.

Summer feeding of lilies

When forming the first buds, feed the lilies with phosphorus-nitrogen fertilizer. It will positively affect the size of the buds and enhance the color of the petals. It can be top dressing with azophos or nitrophos – for this, dissolve 1 tbsp. l. fertilizers in 10 liters of water.

During the mass flowering of lilies, they are fed with a complex fertilizer, the composition of which should include: amphoska, azophoska, nitroammophoska. Take 1.5 tbsp. l. drug and dissolve in 10 liters of water.

Summer fertilizing is combined with the addition of trace elements to the soil, the dose of introduction is indicated by the manufacturer. If there is nothing at hand, add wood ash at the rate of 100 grams per 1 square meter. m.

Autumn fertilizer for lilies

In autumn, the lilies have already bloomed, the bulbs in the ground begin to accumulate nutrients for the next year.

Therefore, phosphorus-potassium fertilizing is carried out, which can increase the winter hardiness of plants. You can use superphosphate or potassium-magnesium: dilute double superphosphate in 10 liters of water — 1 tbsp. l. or 2 Art. l. simple and add potassium-magnesium — 1.5 tbsp. l.  To dissolve superphosphate, you need to heat the water a little. Rate of consumption: per 1 sq. m. — 10 liters of solution.

In late autumn, the place where the lily bulb is in the ground should be sprinkled with a layer of compost at least 10 cm thick to insulate it and protect it from freezing, and in the spring it will serve the plant as good nutrition.