Spathiphyllum withers and drops its leaves: why this happens and how to save the flower

Spathiphyllum can be saved if everything necessary is done in a timely manner.

A flower is considered a woman’s happiness, because it attracts love and gives energy to its owner. Therefore, most often this flower is brought as a gift to women.

If the spathiphyllum began to wither and lose its beautiful appearance, it means that there are problems in the family. In this case, you should start saving the relationship, but first take care of the flower.

The reasons for the decline of the flower can be different

Excessive amount of nitrogen and organic fertilizers

The main problem that can affect the plant. In this case, replace the soil.

Excess moisture

Do not water the flower, otherwise the leaves will begin to blacken and wither. It is forbidden to allow stagnation of water in the pot, because it must go into the tray

Dry soil

If the soil is very dry, spathiphyllum leaves lose their elasticity and resilience. This means that it lacks moisture. Use water at room temperature for watering.


The container must be the right size, otherwise the plant will be uncomfortable.

Low temperature

Spathiphyllum should be grown at a temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. If it does not bloom, then the temperature is low.

Lack of light

Move the pot to a windowsill where there is enough light, then the plant will produce flowers.

Excess light

Spathiphyllum does not like bright light, so it should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Heterogeneous soil

The plant will die if there are hard lumps around the roots in the pot. Because of this, it does not get enough air. In order for the soil to be uniform, you need to take the spathiphyllum out of the pot, clean the roots from lumps and transplant them into a soil mixture with drainage.

Rotting of the roots

To eliminate the problem, remove the flower from the ground, examine the roots and remove the rotten ones. Then plant the plant in new soil.