Why daffodils grow small and do not bloom: a note for gardners

Over time, even the most luxurious daffodils can turn into not beautiful ones. Plants become smaller or completely stop producing lush buds.

There are several miscalculations of summer residents that lead to a deplorable result.

Digging bulbs

Gardners have been growing daffodils in the same place for years without digging up the bulbs. However, this procedure should be carried out every 4-5 years.

Otherwise, the bulb will grow many tubers, the roots will get tangled and the plant will stop receiving water and nutrients normally.

Removal of leaves

Some gardeners are in a hurry to remove the leaves. The procedure should not be carried out immediately, as soon as the buds have faded. During this period, photosynthesis and other processes continue. Leaves are removed when it withers naturally.


Daffodils are crushed due to lack of moisture. Abundant watering of flowers is necessary not only before the buds open, but also after they wither for 1-2 months.