Always treat fruit trees with this in early spring to prevent disease and pests

With the arrival of heat, pests and diseases, waking up from winter hibernation, begin to multiply and attack trees. Therefore, it is important to work in advance and carry out preventive treatment so that insects and fungus do not have time to damage the garden.

Spring gardening can be done when there is no frost in the afternoon, around the end of February. It is during this period that all pests and trees are still “sleeping”. Therefore, processing should begin with cleaning the areas under the trees, removing the remains of fruits and vegetation, as well as cleaning fallen leaves. Also, at this time, you can whiten all garden trees, and only then carry out preventive treatment.

Copper vitriol

During bud swelling and at an air temperature of at least +5 degrees, it is recommended to carry out the first treatment of the garden. Thanks to these conditions, it is possible to effectively fight against scabies, moniliosis and coccomycosis. A 2% solution of vitriol should be used for processing berry bushes and young trees, and a 3% solution for adult trees.

Bordeaux mixture

Bordeaux mixture consists of copper sulfate and slaked lime. Fruit trees and berry bushes should be treated with this mixture in the form of a 3% solution.


Urea is a nitrogen fertilizer that does not contain nitrates and is quickly absorbed by crops. Spraying with urea helps protect crops from pests and diseases. It should be carried out 14 days after treatment with drugs that contain copper. For the treatment of trees and shrubs, it is necessary to use a 5% solution: 500 gr. of urea per 10 l. water You can also prepare such a solution: mix 200 gr. vitriol and 500 gr. urea and dissolve in 10 l. water.