Why do the buds on the orchid dry up and never bloomed. Three main reasons

Orchid buds dry out for various reasons, but there are three main reasons why this happens.

Insufficient amount of nutrients

Elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are needed for the normal life activity of an orchid. In natural conditions, the plant itself is able to get everything it needs, but in indoor conditions – only through feeding. Therefore, do not forget to use fertilizers, following all the recommendations indicated on the package.

Insect pests

Thrips are the most common. The plant suffers most from insects if you live in a private house. Pests deprive the plant of nutrients, thanks to which it forms buds. Therefore, it is necessary to do preventive treatment of the orchid against insect pests in a timely manner


Another important reason why a flower can dry buds. A temperature drop is the greatest stress for an orchid, for example, if it has risen sharply by 10 or more degrees. Also, watering should not be skipped, but neither should it be overwatered. Orchids do not like high temperatures, more than 24 degrees Celsius, low humidity and insufficient lighting. The flower is also badly affected by a sharp increase or decrease in atmospheric pressure, which causes the buds to dry up.

There are many reasons, some of which cannot even be influenced. Keep an eye on the plant and then it will become clear what it is suffering from and what to do about it.