Orchids in water: a good method of cultivation

It is believed that it is best to grow phalaenopsis in water. If you properly care for an orchid, it will later delight you with its incredible and beautiful flowering. One of the methods of caring for this plant, by which it is possible to grow a healthy and strong flower, is cultivation using plain water.

Take any non-deep pot or planter so that it is transparent. There are also certain requirements for water, which makes it possible to grow a healthy plant. You cannot take water straight from the tap, it may contain a large amount of harmful chemicals. It is best to use cold rainwater or distilled water.

It is necessary to ensure that the root system of the flower is at the upper level of the water.

Change the water to fresh water at least once every 7 days, and wash the pot once every 30 days. Together, wash and dry the aerial roots of the orchid for 5-6 minutes.

Do not be afraid to experiment with orchids. In natural conditions, they generally stay on trees thanks to their aerial roots.