Seedlings will become strong and grow quickly: add just two spoons to the soil

Before the new garden season, many people grow seedlings on their own windowsills. Usually, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables are planted in a ready-made peat mixture (or cassettes) from the store, but it is worth knowing how to properly nourish the soil so that your sprouts are strong and strong.

Which soil is better to choose

Most gardeners prefer to buy land, because it is less of a hassle. The manufacturer has already treated it from diseases, pests and maybe even added some mineral substances.

But the land from the garden requires more attention. It needs to be disinfected and supplemented.

In seedling stores, as a rule, they offer riding peat, the function of which is to fill the volume of the container for seedlings. It contains a minimum of nutrients, so you will have to take care of nutrition.

A cheap tool from the kitchen shelf

It is about potato starch. Seedling starch itself is not needed. It has nothing but carbohydrates. But it is very necessary for soil microorganisms, which will help the plants themselves to develop.

As a result, seeds will germinate better, the development of the root system will accelerate, and plants will receive more nutrients from the soil.

How to feed

2 spoons of starch are needed for 10 liters of soil. Mix well and water the soil before sowing seeds or digging plants.

Such a fertilizer is also suitable for indoor plants during transplanting.