A solution for watering an orchid so that it grows well and blooms all the time

Orchids are modern, delicate and incredibly beautiful plants that can be found in almost every home. Everyone knows that the flower is unpretentious, but still quite capricious and needs delicate care.

It’s all about proper care and support. In order for the flower to grow healthy and strong, you should not spend money on expensive fertilizers, which are also not always useful. The best way to feed an orchid is hydrogen peroxide. It should be diluted with water for watering the plant.

Hydrogen peroxide is a stimulant, so it does not have a cumulative effect that could harm the orchid. When mixed with water, it saturates it with hydrogen, and later decomposes into oxygen and water. This saturates the plant with oxygen and promotes healthy roots and stimulates the appearance of more buds.

Preparation of watering solution


  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% 1 teaspoon;
  • Water 1 liter.

Method of preparation and feeding:

  • Mix the peroxide and water;
  • Water the plant with the prepared solution.

Such feeding is relevant during flowering, during the period of leaf growth and for other indoor plants. However, one should not forget about fertilizers, the result will be better in tandem.