Must have in the house: 3 indoor plants named that will bring wealth and prosperity in 2023

Many people believe that indoor plants not only decorate the interior of your house, but also attract well-being and happiness into the lives of their owners.

Here is a list of lucky plants for 2023


This is a genus of flowering plants of the arrowroot family, whose homeland is South America. Calathea feels good in tropical forests, with weak or partial lighting, so this flower is perfect for city apartments.In the wild, the plant produces small yellow flowers, but rarely blooms indoors. In order for calathea to attract as much positive energy as possible to your home, you should remember about proper care. Yes, the plant loves the shade, it needs a temperature of at least 16 degrees and humidity up to 90%. You can fulfill the last requirement by spraying water from a spray bottle and adding wet pebbles to the pot tray.


According to beliefs, “male happiness” (that’s what the people call this flower) strengthens the spirit and brings luck, and for unmarried girls, the flower gives happiness in love and promises a quick marriage. In the year of the Black Water Rabbit, the flower, thanks to its strong male energy, will bring positive changes and stability in the financial sphere to your family. The plant needs very bright and diffused light, while it does not like direct sunlight. High humidity and a temperature of at least 18 degrees are required for proper flower growth.

Indoor bamboo

Bamboo trunks bring their owner happiness and luck, as well as financial well-being. In China, many houses have stems of this very durable and unpretentious plant in a vase with water.