What to do so that seedlings do not pull out: common mistakes and tips on how to correct them

Pulling out seedlings is a fairly common problem faced by housewives and housewives. It can be solved if you follow a few tips that will bring the desired positive results. We will talk about exactly what the recommendations are and why they are important.

Why are seedlings pulled out: reasons

Incorrect sowing time is one of the main reasons. It is necessary to follow the optimal terms and take your time. It is also worth paying attention to the climate of your region. If you sow the seeds early, there is a high probability that the seedlings will grow when it is still cool outside the window.

In a situation where you still miscalculated and the seedlings are ready ahead of time, you should provide the seedlings with additional lighting. For this, owners and housewives use special phytolamps that help preserve plants.

Lack of light is the second reason why seedlings are pulled out. This is explained by the fact that when the seedling does not have enough light, it begins to stretch upwards, its stem becomes long and thin.

High temperature is the third reason. In this case, the aerial part develops more intensively, while the roots become weak.

Excessive watering is the next possible reason. After 5-6 days after the emergence of seedlings, it is necessary to water once every 5 days. You should water more often only if you notice that the soil is drying out faster.

Thickened crops are when plants fight for their survival, try to overtake each other and begin to stretch out. In this case, seedlings should be planted in separate cups.

If you paid attention to this already when the first leaves appeared on the plants, you should carefully remove the lower ones. Such manipulation is silk for the seedlings, so they will stop growing upwards and begin to increase in width.

Improper feeding can also trigger pulling. The fact is that plants have enough air and nutrition in a fertile substrate, and fertilizers should be applied only after planting in open ground. First, potassium and phosphorus – for the development of the root system, and then – nitrogen for the creation of green mass.

How else can the situation be corrected?

Plant seedlings that have grown into soil. To do this, you should make the holes deeper, place the seedlings there at an acute angle and cover them with soil up to the leaf plates. After this action, the plants will be able to grow, develop and straighten up normally.

Reduce watering to a minimum and lower the temperature by 5-7 degrees °C. It should be done only if it is still cold outside. Such a trick will make it possible to slow down the growth of seedlings and make the stalks more pliable.

Pour soil into the container for seedlings, if the walls allow. This will help strengthen the root system and make the stem thicker.

If the problem is lighting, use a phytolamp. With its help, you can regulate the growth of seedlings and ensure their normal development.