How to cut roses in the spring so that they bloom big and lush to the envy of the neighbors

Spring is, in every sense, a time of renewal. People who work with the land feel this most acutely. They are in a hurry to prune, plant, nourish and take care of everything.

In this commotion, extra time should be given to roses.

In the spring, they need special care.

We tell you whether you need to prune roses and how to do it correctly. The most important thing is when to do it.

Pruning stimulates flowering, but if frosts hit after that, they can damage the bushes especially badly.

Therefore, florists take their time and start cutting only when the buds swell and become approximately 0.5-0.8 cm.

But you should not delay pruning either: this way you can disrupt the development of the bush.

Immediately after pruning, the bushes are fed, the places where the branches were cut are treated with garden decoction, and the plant is sprayed with a 1% solution of copper sulfate or Bordeaux liquid (1% or 3%).

How to prune roses

  1. Formative pruning can be performed if the bush grew a lot last season.
  2. Small shoots can be cut, and then larger single buds will grow on the remaining long peduncles.
  3. If you like it when the bush is dotted with many flowers, even if they are small, then pruning is carried out at a minimum.
  4. Rejuvenating pruning is carried out by removing old branches.

Circumcision should neither be admired nor neglected.

The plant should not lose most of its green mass, but the root should have enough strength and nutrition to fully support the aerial part.