How to water a violet so that it blooms continuously: the secret of experienced flower growers

Violets are quite capricious creatures, but if you know the secrets of care, they can delight you with a blooming hat all year round. At the same time, it does not matter if you bought a simple lilac violet in a flower shop or from a collector at an exhibition.

There are three types of irrigation

Watering the violet, or as it is also called, Saint Paul, can be done from above, from a pallet, or with the help of wick watering.

The first – ordinary watering – is not recommended, because the rosette of the violet occupies the entire pot, and the violet cannot be watered inside the rosette, because suppuration may begin and the plant will die.

Professionals choose watering from a pallet, but more often – wick watering.

How to water a violet with a wick

The basis for such watering is already laid when planting, but you can start watering when the Saint Paulia is already well rooted and can “drink” through the wick.

A cord of medium thickness or a piece of cloth is suitable for a wick. It is important that it be artificial, because cotton or linen will not pass through, but will absorb moisture, as well as rot in the soil. The wick can be purchased on special websites or Saint Paul exhibitions. You can cut ordinary nylon stockings into strips.

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Variants of pallets for watering violets

Step-by-step instructions

Cut a piece of cord 20-30 centimeters long (depending on the size of the pot and the plant), burn it on both sides on fire so that it does not flake off.

Wrap one end of the string around the violet roots, and pass the other through the hole at the bottom of the pot (it should protrude 10 centimeters to reach the bottom of the watering can).

After planting, the first few times you need to hold the pot with the violet in water so that the violet “learns” to drink through the wick.

As a pallet, you can use transparent or translucent pallets, into which the pot is inserted, or pallets with a lid and a hole, on which the pot can be placed.

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Variants of pallets for watering violets

If necessary, watering liquid (with or without fertilizer) is poured into the pan.

Fertilizer for growth can be added to the water for irrigation during the growing season or for flowering when you notice the first ovary of buds.

If you do everything right, your violet will delight you with a hat of flowers all year round.