It is better to feed geranium so that it pleases you with its beauty for a long time

Everyone knows well that geranium is not very capricious in its care, so it grows on the windowsill of most housewives. Like all plants, they love timely feeding and watering, then they will please you for a long time with their long flowering. If the leaves have turned yellow, do not immediately think that the plant lacks moisture. This flower has the opposite, the leaves turn yellow due to excess moisture.

If the flower does not have enough nutrients?

  • The leaves are covered with spots, the veins of the leaves turn yellow, the edges of the lower leaves turn brown, the flower continues to bloom, but the lower leaves fall due to a lack of potassium.
  • The plant slows down in growth and does not bloom if there is not enough nitrogen. The leaves turn yellow, turn red and die.
  • Yellowness spreads between veins, means that the flower lacks magnesium. Young shoots begin to rot.
  • Leaves become discolored due to lack of iron.
  • The leaves have a metallic shade due to a lack of manganese.
  • The development of leaves slows down and they begin to turn yellow due to a lack of molybdenum.

Usually, the flower lacks phosphorus and potassium. It is better to feed the flower by applying fertilizers under the root.

At the end of spring, apply fertilizer under the root every 14 days. In the summer, watch the geranium, if it blooms well and does not turn yellow, there is no need to apply fertilizers. In autumn, feed the geranium after transplanting. If the geranium is sick, it is first treated, and then fed. In winter, the flower does not need to be fed.

What to feed?

  1. The flower can be fed with liquid fertilizer, granules and crystal concentrate. A gram of fertilizer is dissolved in 1000 ml. water and applied under the root. Before feeding, the flower should be well moistened.
  2. Dissolve a drop of iodine in a liter of water. Before fertilizing, loosen the soil in the pot, pour water and fertilize. Repeat feeding every 20 days.
  3. Dissolve 25 ml in a liter of water. hydrogen peroxide Feed geraniums with this fertilizer throughout the year.
  4. Dissolve a gram of yeast and 30 grams of sugar in a liter of warm water. Stir and after a couple of hours add another 5000 ml. water Feed geranium twice in spring.
  5. Dissolve 1 ml in 2 liters of water. of vitamin B. feed geranium from June to September, every two weeks.
  6. Dissolve 0.5 cups of milk in a liter of water. Feed the geranium occasionally between waterings.
  7. Dissolve 50 grams of onion peel in 2 liters of hot water. Feed the flower with a cold solution.